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Privacy Policy

Bardwell Valley Golf Club Limited is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, 1998. The Act contains 10 principles that set standards for the handling of personal information. The Club has a commitment to privacy and the safeguarding of member, visitor and staff personal information. Any personal information provided by those persons to the Club will be protected. The club does not usually disclose personal information to any other organisation or person unless there is a legal requirement to do so. The Club may disclose personal information to relevant authorities if it reasonably believes that there is a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety, or public health or safety. If the Club has reason to suspect that an unlawful activity has been, or is being, or may be engaged in, personal information may be used or disclosed as a necessary part of any investigation and reporting to relevant persons or authorities. Personal information will be used by the Club to put their name and phone number in the Fixture Book (applies only to playing members), unless requested by the member not to do so.


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